My mum is getting married later on this year, and we – the bridesmaids – have been blessed with the most beautiful dresses from Vivien of Holloway (not to mention the beautiful Vivienne Westwood shoes, but those aren’t nearly as relevant to this post). As a fuller figured woman (that’s putting it mildly, to be honest) I got my mum… Read more →

Burlesque Bodies

I still remember my first burlesque show – over ten years ago now, I borrowed a friends corset so I could look the part, I took the exciting trip through to Edinburgh and loved every performer. I even took to the stage during the interval as part of a competition and twirled tassles (admittedly, badly) for the first ever time.… Read more →


I don’t often have a good grasp on perspective. For one reason or another, I stress over the ‘small stuff’. I’m a worrier, I over-think and I let things get to me – although that’s not what I want moving forward. Some things in life just put things into perspective. There have been a number of things this week /… Read more →


Insecurity is a funny thing. Right when you can be feeling your happiest, most carefree it rears its’ ugly little head and smacks you in the face. I find insecurity a strange emotion to deal with. For years, I would project my insecurity onto other people. “He/She/They *must* think this of me and therefore I feel insecure about X”. But… Read more →

Tuesday at Tesco’s

On the face of it Tuesday at Tesco’s at Assembly with Simon Callow should be a theatre-goers dream. Callow is one of the UK’s biggest theatrical names, the Assembly Hall a powerhouse venue at the Fringe, and the text is a translation of France’s huge hit La Mardi a Monoprix – it all adds up, on paper, to be an… Read more →

The Room of Unlimited Possibilities

The search for enlightenment is never an easy one; many people search their whole lives through travel, philosophy, religion or music. But it is the select few who can appease both body and soul as one. This is explored in Cyprian company Theatro Transcendental’s debut professional performance The Room of Unlimited Possibilities. A woman (Korina Kontaxaki) struggles to align her… Read more →

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