Lady Voluptuous ‘Medusa’ dress – a review

It’s no secret that I love all things retro (and vintage repro), and as a curvy woman it’s important to me to find a dress which flatters my shape, and makes me feel great all at the same time. So when I heard that the lovely Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust had teamed up with the folks at Lady… Read more →


My mum is getting married later on this year, and we – the bridesmaids – have been blessed with the most beautiful dresses from Vivien of Holloway (not to mention the beautiful Vivienne Westwood shoes, but those aren’t nearly as relevant to this post). As a fuller figured woman (that’s putting it mildly, to be honest) I got my mum… Read more →

Burlesque Bodies

I still remember my first burlesque show – over ten years ago now, I borrowed a friends corset so I could look the part, I took the exciting trip through to Edinburgh and loved every performer. I even took to the stage during the interval as part of a competition and twirled tassles (admittedly, badly) for the first ever time.… Read more →

“Paul McKenna – I Can Make You Thin…” – Can he?

I’ve tried the Paul McKenna “I Can Make You Thin…”¬†approach before. Well, when I say tried, I actually mean I started it, thought about it for a few days, listened to the CDs and then felt guilty for a few days after that I’d yet again abandoned a weight loss technique whilst bemoaning the fact that I am so fat*!… Read more →


Insecurity is a funny thing. Right when you can be feeling your happiest, most carefree it rears its’ ugly little head and smacks you in the face. I find insecurity a strange emotion to deal with. For years, I would project my insecurity onto other people. “He/She/They *must* think this of me and therefore I feel insecure about X”. But… Read more →

Let’s get this blogging show on the road…

I’ve never been great at remembering to blog regularly. My old website was a bit of a mess, and so it’s no wonder I’ve never managed to make a habit out of remembering to write often. However, 2014 is marking a bit of a turn-around for me. New website, a renewed interest in getting back into professional writing and the… Read more →

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