My mum is getting married later on this year, and we – the bridesmaids – have been blessed with the most beautiful dresses from Vivien of Holloway (not to mention the beautiful Vivienne Westwood shoes, but those aren’t nearly as relevant to this post).

As a fuller figured woman (that’s putting it mildly, to be honest) I got my mum to buy the biggest size they had in stock – and was then horrified when that dress still didn’t fully zip up.

The only good news, there’s about 1-2″ in it which isn’t a crazy amount to worry about. And the even better news, well now I get to wear a beautiful corset under the dress. Currently contemplating a What Katie Did Morticia corset – amazing curves and a beautiful cut means I reckon it’ll look beautiful under my 50s cut dress.

In the lead up to the wedding, I’ve figured I need to do some work to help me get to that wondrous ‘all zipped up’ moment – and more importantly, I need to make sure I’m comfortable on the big day.

I’ve also been feeling more pressure about my weight and how I look in the lead up to the wedding – probably because I have an actual deadline to make this dress fit. I know wearing a corset makes me feel more comfortable with my shape. So I’ve decided, I’m going to start wearing a corset more often. Not quite waist training as people would understand it, but waist training amended to suit me and my life.

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