Let’s get this blogging show on the road…

I’ve never been great at remembering to blog regularly. My old website was a bit of a mess, and so it’s no wonder I’ve never managed to make a habit out of remembering to write often.

However, 2014 is marking a bit of a turn-around for me. New website, a renewed interest in getting back into professional writing and the realisation that I figure myself out better through the medium of writing about stuff. So here I am, trying to get this new site back-filled with all of my previous reviews and working on new things to write about.

What it does mean for me, is getting the opportunity to get myself out to a LOT more theatre and performance this year. Reading back on all of my old reviews, I realise how much I miss seeing live performance before heading home to critique it. I miss being in touch with the Scottish theatre, burlesque and music scene. And there’s only one way to solve that, and that’s to get out there and see more things.

I’m not one for resolutions really (as I’m rubbish at keeping them) but it’s definitely time to get out and get writing.

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