“Paul McKenna – I Can Make You Thin…” – Can he?

I’ve tried the Paul McKenna “I Can Make You Thin…” approach before. Well, when I say tried, I actually mean I started it, thought about it for a few days, listened to the CDs and then felt guilty for a few days after that I’d yet again abandoned a weight loss technique whilst bemoaning the fact that I am so fat*!… Read more →



Insecurity is a funny thing. Right when you can be feeling your happiest, most carefree it rears its’ ugly little head and smacks you in the face. I find insecurity a strange emotion to deal with. For years, I would project my insecurity onto other people. “He/She/They *must* think this of me and therefore I feel insecure about X”. But… Read more →

Avon Super Extend Liquid Eyeliner in Black ***

I’m an avid lover of all things vintage, and make-up is no exception. I don’t wear a lot of make-up daily, but eyeliner is a must have for the lovely 50s flick I like to wear. Once upon a time I would use a gel pot eyeliner, but I kept finding the brush would get mangled quicker than the gel… Read more →


Let’s get this blogging show on the road…

I’ve never been great at remembering to blog regularly. My old website was a bit of a mess, and so it’s no wonder I’ve never managed to make a habit out of remembering to write often. However, 2014 is marking a bit of a turn-around for me. New website, a renewed interest in getting back into professional writing and the… Read more →

Green Bean & Pancetta risotto with Pesto

I just got myself a slow cooker and thought it needed a good recipe for it’s trial run. So when I spotted this recipe in a Hamlyn’s cookbook of G’s I thought it’d be the perfect – and easiest – thing to try. After being one of *those* people who photographs and tweets about their food (I’m not a great… Read more →

Tuesday at Tesco’s

On the face of it Tuesday at Tesco’s at Assembly with Simon Callow should be a theatre-goers dream. Callow is one of the UK’s biggest theatrical names, the Assembly Hall a powerhouse venue at the Fringe, and the text is a translation of France’s huge hit La Mardi a Monoprix – it all adds up, on paper, to be an… Read more →

The Room of Unlimited Possibilities

The search for enlightenment is never an easy one; many people search their whole lives through travel, philosophy, religion or music. But it is the select few who can appease both body and soul as one. This is explored in Cyprian company Theatro Transcendental’s debut professional performance The Room of Unlimited Possibilities. A woman (Korina Kontaxaki) struggles to align her… Read more →

Snails and Ketchup ****

Tales of dysfunction are most often the most darkly entertaining – the tale of a dysfunctional family even more so. Ramesh Meyyappan’s Snails and Ketchup pulls into a world akin to that of a Grimm fairytale as he single-handedly projects his vivid imagination into the New Town Theatre. Mayyappan’s one man tale is about a family of four – a… Read more →

Leo ****

With the option for multimedia spectaculars, MP3-led performances and casts of decadent proportions, it’s a refreshing change to be brought back to basics. One man – Leo, one suitcase and a room turned on its side. Leo (Tobias Wegner) succeeds in taking the principal rule of gravity and our perception of it and blowing it out of all proportion. As he… Read more →

David Leddy’s Untitled Love Story ***

The act of theatre has been around almost as long as the art of story, evolving with the years but remaining essentially the same. As the technological age comes upon us, however, there’s a growing need for theatre-makers to play with the form, adding new elements to keep it fresh for attention spans shortened by television and the instant gratification… Read more →

Blood and Roses @ St George’s West ***

Of all the cities in Scotland, it can’t be denied that Edinburgh’s streets hold some of the richest history in the country. It therefore comes as little surprise that Blood and Roses chooses to take the audience through the city, weaving fairytale with a story of love, culture and distance. Armed with a guide to lead the way, an umbrella and an… Read more →

Spotlight on Zoo

Edinburgh might be famous for its zoo, but during August there’s another Zoo entirely on everyone’s lips. Zoo Venues – spread over 3 sites – are steadfastly marking their name as one of the more alternative and experimental spaces of the festival. This year, they play host to an impressive programme of dance and physical theatre, and an unusual –… Read more →

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