The Room of Unlimited Possibilities

The search for enlightenment is never an easy one; many people search their whole lives through travel, philosophy, religion or music. But it is the select few who can appease both body and soul as one. This is explored in Cyprian company Theatro Transcendental’s debut professional performance The Room of Unlimited Possibilities.

A woman (Korina Kontaxaki) struggles to align her feelings of sadness with what her soul needs. With no tragic events in life to explain her isolation, she must marry body and soul together through dance and music in order to find the truths she must face.

This is an uncomfortable piece throughout, playing directly to the audience’s emotions as Kontaxaki cries out – sharing her feelings and encouraging empathy and familiarity from them. The traditional music and sounds signal the woman’s journey clearly, with her movement expressing her innermost feelings – a particularly strong moment heralded as she externalises her inner-selves through voice and physicality. This is a good debut for the fledging company but the uncomfortable style of the piece doesn’t sit well with the small audience, the performance feeling awkward at times. Theatro Transcedental show promise in melding traditional music, movement and philosophical truths once they can merge all forms smoothly.


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